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Takeaways from the Future of Asset Management Property Forum event in Warsaw

The significance of Data in Real Estate Asset Management

Three takeaways emerged for the best ways to use data to maximize performance:

👉 when data can be aggregated into a central, well-maintained system, it becomes a communication platform that allows various decision makers sitting in different locations to act on the same information and make joint decisions that would otherwise not be possible due to disconnected and partial views on the data.

👉 it became clear again that a priority for the future in asset management must be to unify redundant data sets and to work towards a Single Source of Truth. Conflicting representations of the same data points create uncertainty, erode trust in the reporting system and as a result make the decision making process more difficult.

👉external information, such as data on building/location accessibility to people with special needs provided by @Access4you, can also be quantified and be incorporated with internal, financial information into ESG reporting tools, such as the integrated @iREMS ESG Dashboard.

Thanks again for a great discussion to all participants: Seweryna Afanasjew MRICS (RICS European World Regional Board), Anna Celichowska (Virako), Ewa Parys (AEW), Tamás Méri (Access4you) and Andreas Kozma (iREMS)


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