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At iREMS, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading real estate management companies and investors achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to deliver superior information. iREMS is continually building upon its technology, in order to empower our users to do better.


  • Innovative & comprehensive asset and financial reporting at all levels

  • Integrated compliance and full transparency without fiscal borders

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and immediately accessible – anywhere


  • iREMS provides an All in One Real Estate Management IT Platform, scalable to all levels

  • Fully integrated Asset Management / Property Management / Accounting modules

  • Full Cockpit data intelligence at your fingertips

  • Very high productivity through revolutionary user interface

  • State-of-the-art technology (Oracle Java Enterprise platform )for robustness, scalability and future flexibility

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Element 2_2x_edited_edited.png

iREMS can connect to and exchange information with any internal and external system. This allows cooperating funds, external Property Management and other service providers to connect or upload data

  • The Oracle Java Enterprise Edition is the industry- leading software development platform for complex, distributed and highly scalable IT systems. Its n-tier architecture provides state-of-the-art features like built-in cloud-support, transaction management, distributed communications and security.

  • Sophisticated security sub-system based on identity checking, access control and access logging

  • Desktop client much more powerful and customizable than web browser-based UI

  • Strong data validation and user guidance through messages, hints and tooltips

  • Multiple language support. User Interface, lookup data and even documents can be translated into an unlimited number of languages


“Increase your capacity and profitability without increasing your cost base”

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Work Faster on Our Optimized and Powerful User Interface
  • All relevant information is on your screen at the same time - no clutter from multiple browser windows and tabs

  • Rich user guidance with pop-up elements to ensure entry of valid data

  • Quick and easy learning process through personalized and uniform user interface elements

  • Immediate validation feedback ensures error-free data entry

  • User interface is optimized for power-users

Reduce Costs
  • Reduce time spent on individual assets

  • Reduce reporting and accounting cycle times by automating complex accounting procedures

  • Structure, scale and grow businesses without the need for additional headcount

  • Best-of-class implementation of all relevant Property Management functions (lease contract modeling with full turnover rent support, indexation, service charge reconciliation) ensures reliability and high-quality deliverables

  • Enjoy a competitive advantage through faster delivery of new features due to industry-leading ORACLE Java Enterprise architecture

  • iREMS is able to grow and adapt to your changing business needs faster and more effortlessly than 20-30 year- old legacy systems

  • Automated communication with many enterprise software systems pre-configured out of the box, and implementation of new bridges is fast and cost effective

Automated Processes through Full Integration
  • Achieve a high level of automation in operating processes through the integrated architecture of iREMS

  • Fully integrated management and statutory accounting

  • Eliminate double-booking and double-data entry with the automated Booking Engine of iREMS - all operational journal entries are automatically booked, including VAT entries

  • Meet the demands of global organizations by automating multi-currency and local taxation requirements



“We are your Strategic Partner in your quest to improve your competitive position”


"We provide solutions, not just software"

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  • Faster adaptation of workflows and processes

  • Fast learning curve through training on the job (each employee can unlock the full power of iREMS)

  • Forward-looking setup of property master data as well as accounting master data

  • Design of reporting system with naming conventions and custom report definitions

  • Full migration, clean-up and validation of historic data

  • Experience in large scale, multi-country implementations for international real-estate companies

Consulting Services
  • Business process reengineering - we help you to optimize your business processes to take full advantage of the game-changing possibilities of iREMS

  • Change management - embrace changes and simplify your working structure

  • Employee coaching and team building

Transaction Processing Services (BPO)
  • Lower your operating costs and concentrate on the important part of your business

  • Our well-trained and motivated team of iREMS Professionals can support your team in back office activities, such as:

    • Entry of supplier invoices

    • Entry and pre-validation of lease contracts

    • Setup and processing of reconciliation runs

    • ​On-demand data collection and complex reporting tasks

  • Enjoy a faster ramp-up time - add capacity quickly where and when necessary without having to hire and train new staff


Kristóf Skwarek, Chief Financial Advisor ADVENTUM GROUP

Choosing the iREMS integrated service model allows us to delegate a lot of the management and training of external service providors to the iREMS team. They insure that all users have the necessary knowledge and training, and that data entry standards are inforced. In our Asset Management team this frees up a significant amount of time that can be spent on higher value-added activities. A well managed, efficient implementation process keeps costs low and ensures fast returns on our investment.

László Fazekas
Associate Director
CBRE Hungary

We save a lot of time with the Workflow module in iREMS to approve supplier invoices. Nobody needs to remember to whom to send the invoice after approving it, because the system decides based on our rules where to send the invoice next. It just works out of the box, even for the most complicated routing scenarios. Our landlords have full transparency over the approval process, as they can check the current status and history of all items at any time. This provides accountability and a very solid audit trail.

László Fazekas, Associate Director CBRE Hungary

iREMS has allowed us to drastically increase the operating efficiency of our Property Management teams. iREMS has proven that it will handle all the business cases, even where landlords' systems cannot. During onboarding of new instructions with tight deadlines, using iREMS importers for leases, units and meters, etc. is a game changer in terms of speed and quality control. It allowed us to get operational with one of our shopping centre assignments in less then a month. Even a very large portfolio could be uploaded and validated efficiently within a few weeks/months.

Jake Lodge, Principal Avison Young

When we launched our own property management operation, we were looking for a property and asset management software that would allow us to get up and running quickly while being able to provide the full range of reporting and services as our portfolio grows. Thanks to their pre-configured Starter Package, iREMS helped us go from zero to production in one month. We were able to meet our deadlines, while being able to implement further components in the following weeks and months.

Mária Fichnová
Manager, Lease Administration
CBRE Slovakia

Indexation season used to stand for lots of manual work in Excel and overtime. And for lots of time-consuming double and triple-checking of our calculations for data entry and copy-paste errors. With iREMS we save many man-days of work and we have piece of mind."

Igor Stefaniak
White Star Real Estate Poland

We are very impressed by the speed improvements that the iREMS team was able to achieve with the re-write of the Service Charge Reconciliation module. At the same time they support all the new invoicing cases we need out of the box, and provide accurate and flexible reports. This allows us to run as many trial reconciliations as we need, and saves us many hours of previously manual work with each building.

Tomáš Jandík

iREMS platform allowed us to connect property managers, accountants and asset managers in one environment, where they can work concurrently and focus on value-added activities. iREMS helped us standardize our IT operations across three countries and three asset classes which was essential to grow our portfolio five fold over the course of just a few years.

Dan Meyer
REInvest Capital AG

We are using iREMS to do the entire management and statutory accounting for our portfolio companies across Europe. iREMS Accounting is fully optimized for the complex corporate structures found in real estate and its innovative solutions help us to manage our books with a very small and highly effective team.
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Better Reports through Integrated Data Model
  • Enjoy the certainty that all data required for your reports is validated and cross-linked automatically during data entry - sources of manual data handling errors are eliminated

  • Run long-term reports without the need to assemble data from different periods - all data is stored in one logical data space, without distinction between historical and actual information

  • Transparency and reliability of on-demand reporting facilitates improves asset management and investment decisions

  • Enhance visibility of future revenue forecasting, utilizing market-based leasing assumptions without affecting actual asset records

  • Consolidate cash flows to generate multi-scenario forecasts to heighten business intelligence at portfolio and fund-level

  • Include all relevant plan data into rent income, cash flow and other simulations, without double data entry

  • Consolidate accounting reports and translate between country-specific and IFRS GAAP

  • No need for interfaces, data transfer, or Excel files used to manually translate data between disparate systems

Unlimited Possibilities with Flexible Report Design Architecture
  • Design any custom report across all system areas without IT knowledge

  • Impress your clients and investors with custom color schemes and custom-tailored report structures

  • Create custom report definitions for different portfolios and reuse for ad-hoc reporting, scheduled report mailing and access on iPad, iPhone and Investor Portal

  • Run predefined reports in one go with Report Packages that can be automatically generated and sent out by email

  • Create professional-looking investor/fund statements and distribute through email based on automated schedules

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