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Client Success Stories


WSRE leverages iREMS International AG dashboard enhancements to improve managers efficiency 📈


We’d like send a “shout out” to iREMS, our property management software provider, for the big advances in their property Dashboard making it one that really works 🔝 Thanks to the Dashboard’s new capabilities, our property managers, controllers, leasing managers, and building owners have one window to look into the live KPIs of their property. This eliminates the need to create redundant data in multiple locations, which has a risk of conflicting or outdated information.


For several years now, White Star has utilized the transactional capabilities of iREMS, and worked with their team to find enhancements that bring the productivity of the system and our users. We’ve worked with many Property Management systems, and adapting them to the specific reporting needs in Central and Eastern Europe always presents challenges. But with iREMS’ commitment to develop its software in the changing environment, and their presence in the CEE region, they have been able to consistently deliver good results.


A big thanks to iREMS International AG 🤝 Your automation and dedication helps keep our processes efficient, and the Data Warehouse + Dashboard keeps our intel current!



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