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Adventum Group chooses iREMS as the management platform for their growing business

Adventum Group decided for the most efficient “one platform for all service providers” concept, which gives them the advantage of a unified, transparent base to a scalable investment platform. They chose the iREMS platform to connect their asset management team with property managers and accountants from multiple external service providers in one environment, where they can work concurrently with a single source of truth for all financial information. iREMS will provide a unified, homogeneous reporting platform - integrating multiple countries, currencies and GAAPs - that is fed by fully validated and integrated data obtained automatically from the transaction processing activities of the service providers on the iREMS Platform. Benefits of this high automation level are operational cost savings, reduced error rates and improved data quality. “Choosing the iREMS integrated service model allows us to delegate a lot of the management and training of external service providers to the iREMS team. They ensure that all users have the necessary knowledge and training, and that data entry standards are enforced. In our Asset Management team this frees up a significant amount of time that can be spent on higher value-added activities. A well managed, efficient implementation process keeps costs low and ensures fast returns on our investment.” says Kristóf Skwarek, Chief Financial Adviser at Adventum Group.

Using the automated onboarding process of iREMS, the project team was able to upload the first batch of assets, including the KÖKI shopping center in Budapest and five office buildings in Poland, into the system within less than two months.


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