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  • iREMS at PropTech Vienna

    PropTech Vienna by PropTech Events will take place on June 13th at the Ottakringer Brewery. iREMS International AG will be represented by Andreas Kozma and Eszter Kozma. They look forward to discussing how owners and developers of international real estate funds can achieve Clean Data for their data-driven decision making. Visit them at the Pitch Box - Block II, 14-16h  to see how to achieve a Single Source of Truth in financial reporting. Get to know iREMS, the Clean Data Platform! hashtag#proptech hashtag#datadrivendecisions hashtag#assetmanagement hashtag#cleandata hashtag#digitaltransformation

  • PropTech Connect 2024 - London

    💥 PTC 2024: Speaker Announcement 🎤 We are proud to announce Andreas Kozma, Founder & CEO at iREMS International AG, as a speaker at Europe's Largest PropTech Event this September. Andreas is a highly accomplished professional in the global PropTech and FinTech industries. Prior to founding iREMS, Andreas worked for Deloitte & Touche Central Europe on large-scale IT system implementations throughout the region. During his tenure, Andreas successfully concluded business transformation and digitalisation projects, showcasing his expertise in organisational development and change management. Prior to joining Deloitte, Andreas was involved in enterprise IT projects from both the business and the planning sides, as well as design, development, and deployment in the US and several Western European countries including Switzerland, France, Holland and Belgium. His role involved developing business cases for corporate digitisation projects, as well as overseeing its successful implementation and rollout. Andreas’s leadership contributed significantly to proving the business value of these high success rate digitisation projects. Andreas’ professional journey also includes a successful stint at iEurope Capital, a venture capital fund focusing on high-tech investments in Central Europe. He was instrumental in covering the IT and technical due diligence of e-commerce and other internet platform ventures. Currently, as the CEO of iREMS International Group, Andreas is leading the development of a real estate management platform that revolutionizes how Real Estate investors run their portfolios and make data-driven investment and management decisions. Organising all financial and related non-financial information in a Unified Data Model, the platform provides landlords with a Single Source of Truth, enabling them to make informed decisions. 🚀 Get your ticket to join the 5,000+ Global Real Estate executives, investors, and entrepreneurs at the event! Early-bird tickets are still available. #PropTechConnect #RealEstate #PropTech #cee #realestatemanagement ---- 💡 Follow PropTech Connect for daily Real Estate news and insights.

  • Client Success Stories

    by Blue Assets Blue Assets is happy to announce the final stages of implementing #iREMS Property Management after less than 7 months. With the foundation of a Unified Data Model we are in a position to supply our investors with timely and accurate data and a relevant presentation of their portfolio results. With its high level of automation iREMS provides the transparent and scalable operational and reporting platform we need for our dynamic market growth. iREMS International AG thank you for efficient and smooth cooperation!

  • Client Success Stories

    by WSRE WSRE leverages iREMS International AG dashboard enhancements to improve managers efficiency 📈 We’d like send a “shout out” to iREMS, our property management software provider, for the big advances in their property Dashboard making it one that really works 🔝 Thanks to the Dashboard’s new capabilities, our property managers, controllers, leasing managers, and building owners have one window to look into the live KPIs of their property. This eliminates the need to create redundant data in multiple locations, which has a risk of conflicting or outdated information. For several years now, White Star has utilized the transactional capabilities of iREMS, and worked with their team to find enhancements that bring the productivity of the system and our users. We’ve worked with many Property Management systems, and adapting them to the specific reporting needs in Central and Eastern Europe always presents challenges. But with iREMS’ commitment to develop its software in the changing environment, and their presence in the CEE region, they have been able to consistently deliver good results. A big thanks to iREMS International AG 🤝 Your automation and dedication helps keep our processes efficient, and the Data Warehouse + Dashboard keeps our intel current! #iREMSDaschboard #digitaltransformation #AssetManagement #RealEstateManagement

  • iREMS at Mipim 2024

    The Global Urban Festival Mipim, the premier real estate event gathering the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry will take place in Cannes next week. iREMS representatives, Andreas Kozma and Eszter Kozma are looking forward to meeting clients, business partners and starting conversations about new cooperations in Cannes between 12-15th March 2024. Please contact us to schedule a personal meeting there.

  • Client Success Stories

    by Adventum Group Another great news to share: we have reached the goal of real-time reporting on our entire #portfolio, spanning four countries. All #assets are now being managed on our single IT platform iREMS International AG. All service providers are directly working on the fully integrated property management modules of our iREMS system. This means that all transactional data is being accumulated automatically in and validated by the Unified Data Model, along with all required foreign currency exchange (FX) information. A wide variety of financial and AM reports can now be run by our controllers, both for recurring, automated reporting and for ad-hoc drill-down analysis - potentially reducing turnaround time from weeks to minutes. We would like to thank the entire iREMS Team for their professional and helpful assistance in reaching this important milestone! #Adventum #CEE #realestateexpert #shapingthefuturetogether #datadrivendecisions #assetmanagement  #cleandata  #digitaltransformation

  • How to Capitalize on Real Estate Opportunities in CEE Markets

    by PropTech Connect PropTech Connect Webinar: How to Capitalise on Real Estate Opportunities in CEE Markets On Wednesday, 28th of February, Michal Bílý, Head of Research - CEE at 108 REAL ESTATE, Andreas Kozma, Founder & CEO at iREMS International AG, and Michal Sotak, Partner, Head of Capital Markets CZ & SK at Cushman & Wakefield, joined us on this session about the opportunities ahead in CEE markets. It was a pleasure hosting our fantastic speakers and learning a about where the market is going and where the opportunity lies across the real estate industry. In case you missed it, here are some key quotes from this week's webinar. The session recording can be accessed through the link here: Webinar Highlights Current Trends: Where are we now in the CEE markets? Michal Sotak: "We are definitely in a period of increasing optimism and improving sentiment, and the long-term expectation is that interest rates will go down. (...) In CEE, yield levels are around 6% and financing costs are 4.5%, so there is clearly room for improvement and for yields to sharpen. Also, in Czech Republict the Czech Crown interest rates are going down, which will lead people to move away from the money market and to put more money into real estate funds so the local funds will see increasing flows this year. These funds compose 60%-80% of activity in Czech and they are a big part of the activity in Poland. Therefore, the combined drop in Euro interest rates and Czech interest rates will lead to increased activity and optimism on the real estate market in the city." Andreas Kozma: "We are definitely seeing the silver lining on the cloud. After last year's gloomy mood, now we are seeing increased activity. After a period where margins are squeezed for real estate funds and there's less safety buffer in the deals, it becomes clear that data and the cost of acquiring it becomes quite important. It is important to have vertically integrated high accuracy data across the value chain that is available in dashboards that update automatically. Overall, it is really exciting to have a digital twin of the building in financial terms which is almost as fast as the reality itself." Michal Bílý: "We have also seen a spike in investment deals. In fact, we saw that the first two months of 2024 were definitely better than the whole 2023. Although I don’t think interest rates are getting down to what they were like before, it will be interesting to see when interest rates will get back to a more attractive level for investors." Factors Influencing Changing Landscape: What drivers influence the changing real estate landscape the most? Michal Bílý: "In the Czech Republic, a very important topic is the new construction law aiming to make it easier for investors and developers to find a land plot, get the building permit and get the construction on the way to deliver premises to the client as fast as possible. For example, the European Union recently approved the microchip law in the EU, and now a Taiwan-based semiconductor manufacturing company will build a factory in Germany which will require subcontractors from Czech Republic and other countries in the region. These large scale projects are seen more and more by governing bodies as strategic assets, which will impact the real estate landscape." Andreas Kozma: "In the last couple of years in Central Europe, tax authorities have become more strict. Although this means that bureaucracy has increased and this put a significant system burden on operators of real estate operators, it has also put more pressure on industry players to innovate, automate and to bring in the electronic invoicing. There is also new sustainability regulation, which not only requires more information to be gained and analyzed around energy consumption, but also information around methods of commuting for example that needs to be collected and reported." Michal Sotak: "Nowadays, everybody accepts that sustainability is an absolute priority. Three years ago, people were discussing whether they should make their assets greener. I think that discussion is now completely gone. The only question is how much needs to be done, and generally the answer is as much as possible. If you can increase the energy efficiency of your building, you will simply invest into those areas because that is the money that you can get immediate return on investment because the preference for green product on the market is extremely strong." "The key question is now around occupation, and this simply cannot be ignored. Historically, there has been a lot of transparency when it comes to retail. We know how many people come into the shopping center, through which entrance, you know the turnovers of each individual tenant and their rent to sales ratio. Now, we are getting transparency in the office sector, where we see beyond just the tenant and the lease agreement and we can actually see how many people occupy the workstations in many cases. If you don't see that on individual asset level, we can see that on the market level thanks to various benchmarks and data collection opportunities that we have." Data Transparency: Real Estate data is becoming more accessible and reliable. What are the implications of this? Michal Sotak: "One of the challenges that Western capital faces when investing in CEE is that there are several relatively small countries that have their own laws, cultures, and other specifics. This makes it very difficult for Western investors to build portfolios that can be easily managed at scale, and this is where technology can help. Technology can help you manage a large portfolio of assets in Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and this will definitely improve the perception of the region as it addresses the challenge of market fragmentation in Central Europe." Andreas Kozma: "With iREMS, we provide a platform which gathers data from various countries and adapts to country-specific legal environments. It provides a homogeneous and abstraction layer of the financial data that allows you to view your entire CEE portfolio combined even with Western European assets, all in one dashboard. This helps you basically to abstract away the differences. (...) There are multiple case studies for generative AI in real estate, but that is all publicly available information. This is not going to help you with your internal financial information, you still need to clean-up your data and technology can really help you with this." Michal Bílý: "I personally that the main impact is the changes in processes. Previously, it was all about having the information that no one else can access. Now, in the digital era, information accessed is much more balanced and the focus is on updating data quickly and effectively to apply it where it has a higher impact. It’s all about data distribution across the company and the business environment ecosystem. Companies need to set up effective processes, have the right tools available, and instruct people on how to work with the data available." Future Trajectory: What is your advice to RE Investors looking to enter CEE markets? Michal Sotak: "The opportunity is in sectors where there is high capital demand, where you can build at a cost that is lower than the exit values in order to make profit on development, and where there is a good occupational story that attracts Western investment. The industrial development sector in Poland is where all these factors are positive, and I expect Western investors as well as local and regional investors to invest into it. And when you look at project costs in Polish industrial versus the capital values, you can definitely make money on that sector. This is where I expect most activity this year." Michal Bílý: "I would like to advocate for manufacturing, because I think it is a very good indication of our geopolitical situation across the world, as well as projects connected to decarbonization goals. We saw how the war in Ukraine influenced the gas supplies and prices of electricity, and after that there was increased activity on solar panels and heat pumps. Also, the rising tension between China and Taiwan led the USA and Europe to create manufacturing capacities within their borders, which materialised through a massive money injection into this. (...) If I had to rank investment opportunities in CEE, I would say manufacturing, then retail, and then offices." Andreas Kozma: "Cross-country differences exist not only in the legal environment, but also in lease provisions and leasing conditions, and this puts an additional strain on existing systems because you need to store data that does not come from a unified data source. (...) You need to understand the semantic meanings of that in order to avoid expensive misunderstandings, and reduce the data silos by unifying everything to have a single view." Leaders from across the industry join the PropTech Connect webinars on a weekly basis to learn about the winning strategies to stay ahead of the curve. 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  • Little details that save time

    Our development team just completed a seemingly small feature that turned out to be surprisingly complex to implement. As you know, in #iREMS you can define your own bespoke reports on fund and asset management levels by choosing from the parameters you understand (no need to bring in the programmers). When you run financial reports like an aggregated NOI on one of your portfolios and you want to quickly switch to a portfolio or property, iREMS will now analyze your filtering and grouping settings and adapt them to the new SPVs and properties you chose. Sometimes I ask myself whether such micro-adjustments are worth the (often considerable) effort. But actually it is important! It is important for you when you will save a few clicks every time with this new feature, resulting in an even more fluid experience! Our team is working hard even on details - it's a bit like perfecting a Swiss watch. You will be able to enjoy this one in our next release.😉 #iREMS #proptech #datadrivendecisions #assetmanagement #digitaltransformation

  • 2023 Highlights

    We thank our incredible users, our business partners, the iREMS-er community for the amazing work this year! We greatly value our collaboration, the feedbacks, the inspiration to thrive in our solutions, providing digitalization for your international real estate investments management. We are preparing for the new year with high-end reporting & further automation for your business! We look forward to new cooperations and exciting projects in 2024 🍀 The #iREMS team wishes you a Happy and Successful New Year! 🎉 🥂 💡 2023 Highlights in a nutshell: ➡ KSeF in Poland It's the big one - the entire country is moving to digital, real-time invoicing, integrated with the tax authorities. Building on our experience with the Hungarian real-time invoicing and using the services of the iREMS Data Exchange Framework, we can seamlessly integrate the required functionality into the existing invoicing workflows. This results in an improved user experience, such as automatic supplier invoice import, despite the additional regulatory burden. ➡ e-Factura in Romania Swiftly responding to the short deadlines in Romania, we are on our way to implement e-Factura there as well. Using the above mentioned iREMS Data Exchange Framework, we can integrate the communication protocols of the Romanian specification with relative ease. ➡ Timeline Report We are getting ready to introduce a new report in our Rentroll Cube - the Timeline Report will visualize an unlimited number of leases across a defined period, all with the full detail and accuracy of the Tenancy Schedule Report. ➡ +220 New Assets Onboarded We had a busy year in 2023 welcoming many new clients onto the iREMS Platform. Our iREMS Implementation Methodology performed well even under ambitious deadlines, allowing us to stay within budget, as usual. ➡ ESG Dashboard We created a web-based, interactive ESG dashboard that receives its data automatically from the iREMS Platform ➡ End-to-End Utility Invoicing Experience new levels of efficiency in utility invoicing with our end-to-end, closed system approach. All meter, consumption and billing information is contained in iREMS and no external amendments need to be sent. ➡ Aging Report Re-Imagined Aggregate, filter, group, drill-down. Find a new, more interactive way to all your payment and cashflow information - for your tenants AND for your suppliers. ➡ Corporate NOI Report Bring it all together at your fund or portfolio level - at the push of a button. With our Multi-Dimension Framework you can automatically aggregate costs and income on a daily basis from all parts of your holdings. #UnifiedDataModel #iREMSreporting

  • CEE Investment Update London 2023 - "Daten sind Chef-Sache"

    Andreas Kozma had the opportunity to speak in front of a very distinguished audience at the #CEEInvestmentUpdateLondon2023 which took place at the pestigious #RICS headquarters in London. Data is a top management affair! As a good data management infrastructure takes long to groom and to build, starting now is key and it involves all parts of the organization. With the #iREMSUnifiedDataModel landlords and owners of real estate can take control of their data and Andreas Kozma explained how the process of getting there can be cut in half both in terms of time and cost with the iREMS Implementation Methodology. Please download the presentation here

  • Takeaways from the Future of Asset Management Property Forum event in Warsaw

    The significance of Data in Real Estate Asset Management Three takeaways emerged for the best ways to use data to maximize performance: 👉 when data can be aggregated into a central, well-maintained system, it becomes a communication platform that allows various decision makers sitting in different locations to act on the same information and make joint decisions that would otherwise not be possible due to disconnected and partial views on the data. 👉 it became clear again that a priority for the future in asset management must be to unify redundant data sets and to work towards a Single Source of Truth. Conflicting representations of the same data points create uncertainty, erode trust in the reporting system and as a result make the decision making process more difficult. 👉external information, such as data on building/location accessibility to people with special needs provided by @Access4you, can also be quantified and be incorporated with internal, financial information into ESG reporting tools, such as the integrated @iREMS ESG Dashboard. Thanks again for a great discussion to all participants: Seweryna Afanasjew MRICS (RICS European World Regional Board), Anna Celichowska (Virako), Ewa Parys (AEW), Tamás Méri (Access4you) and Andreas Kozma (iREMS)

  • Future of Real Estate 2023 - Warsaw, Poland

    What is the future of asset management? The availability of correct and well structured data play a significant role in making mindful decisions as a real estate investor especially in the current market mood. Financial investors do not really like to think about or deal with systems, yet a clear picture on their investment portfolio is the biggest asset in their hands when they want to react to market challenges quickly and efficiently. iREMS's CEO, Andreas Kozma will participate the panel, The future of asset and property management and will discuss with fellow panelists how data and new technology can best be used to maximize performance, manage assets efficiently, understand new markets and get a step ahead of competitors. Join us at the Property Forum in Warsaw next week!

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