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  • 2023 Highlights

    We thank our incredible users, our business partners, the iREMS-er community for the amazing work this year! We greatly value our collaboration, the feedbacks, the inspiration to thrive in our solutions, providing digitalization for your international real estate investments management. We are preparing for the new year with high-end reporting & further automation for your business! We look forward to new cooperations and exciting projects in 2024 🍀 The #iREMS team wishes you a Happy and Successful New Year! 🎉 🥂 💡 2023 Highlights in a nutshell: ➡ KSeF in Poland It's the big one - the entire country is moving to digital, real-time invoicing, integrated with the tax authorities. Building on our experience with the Hungarian real-time invoicing and using the services of the iREMS Data Exchange Framework, we can seamlessly integrate the required functionality into the existing invoicing workflows. This results in an improved user experience, such as automatic supplier invoice import, despite the additional regulatory burden. ➡ e-Factura in Romania Swiftly responding to the short deadlines in Romania, we are on our way to implement e-Factura there as well. Using the above mentioned iREMS Data Exchange Framework, we can integrate the communication protocols of the Romanian specification with relative ease. ➡ Timeline Report We are getting ready to introduce a new report in our Rentroll Cube - the Timeline Report will visualize an unlimited number of leases across a defined period, all with the full detail and accuracy of the Tenancy Schedule Report. ➡ +220 New Assets Onboarded We had a busy year in 2023 welcoming many new clients onto the iREMS Platform. Our iREMS Implementation Methodology performed well even under ambitious deadlines, allowing us to stay within budget, as usual. ➡ ESG Dashboard We created a web-based, interactive ESG dashboard that receives its data automatically from the iREMS Platform ➡ End-to-End Utility Invoicing Experience new levels of efficiency in utility invoicing with our end-to-end, closed system approach. All meter, consumption and billing information is contained in iREMS and no external amendments need to be sent. ➡ Aging Report Re-Imagined Aggregate, filter, group, drill-down. Find a new, more interactive way to all your payment and cashflow information - for your tenants AND for your suppliers. ➡ Corporate NOI Report Bring it all together at your fund or portfolio level - at the push of a button. With our Multi-Dimension Framework you can automatically aggregate costs and income on a daily basis from all parts of your holdings. #UnifiedDataModel #iREMSreporting

  • CEE Investment Update London 2023 - "Daten sind Chef-Sache"

    Andreas Kozma had the opportunity to speak in front of a very distinguished audience at the #CEEInvestmentUpdateLondon2023 which took place at the pestigious #RICS headquarters in London. Data is a top management affair! As a good data management infrastructure takes long to groom and to build, starting now is key and it involves all parts of the organization. With the #iREMSUnifiedDataModel landlords and owners of real estate can take control of their data and Andreas Kozma explained how the process of getting there can be cut in half both in terms of time and cost with the iREMS Implementation Methodology. Please download the presentation here

  • Takeaways from the Future of Asset Management Property Forum event in Warsaw

    The significance of Data in Real Estate Asset Management Three takeaways emerged for the best ways to use data to maximize performance: 👉 when data can be aggregated into a central, well-maintained system, it becomes a communication platform that allows various decision makers sitting in different locations to act on the same information and make joint decisions that would otherwise not be possible due to disconnected and partial views on the data. 👉 it became clear again that a priority for the future in asset management must be to unify redundant data sets and to work towards a Single Source of Truth. Conflicting representations of the same data points create uncertainty, erode trust in the reporting system and as a result make the decision making process more difficult. 👉external information, such as data on building/location accessibility to people with special needs provided by @Access4you, can also be quantified and be incorporated with internal, financial information into ESG reporting tools, such as the integrated @iREMS ESG Dashboard. Thanks again for a great discussion to all participants: Seweryna Afanasjew MRICS (RICS European World Regional Board), Anna Celichowska (Virako), Ewa Parys (AEW), Tamás Méri (Access4you) and Andreas Kozma (iREMS)

  • Future of Real Estate 2023 - Warsaw, Poland

    What is the future of asset management? The availability of correct and well structured data play a significant role in making mindful decisions as a real estate investor especially in the current market mood. Financial investors do not really like to think about or deal with systems, yet a clear picture on their investment portfolio is the biggest asset in their hands when they want to react to market challenges quickly and efficiently. iREMS's CEO, Andreas Kozma will participate the panel, The future of asset and property management and will discuss with fellow panelists how data and new technology can best be used to maximize performance, manage assets efficiently, understand new markets and get a step ahead of competitors. Join us at the Property Forum in Warsaw next week!

  • CEE Property Forum 2023 - Vienna - iREMS's incremental implementation approach

    Successful ERP project risk management as well as highest ROI "More than half of ERP projects are late and over budget" 🤔 How can we end up in the better half? In Real Estate, it is an even bigger challenge due to the higher complexity: 👉 multiple players 👉 complex data 👉 many systems 👉 multiple reporting formats and standards Andreas Kozma presented #iREMS's approach at the #CEEPropertyForum2023 in Vienna. 💡 It is a sales job as much as a technical challenge 📣 Change management is the key differentiator Financial System Implementation - Lessons on how to implement a Unified Data Model successfully:

  • iREMS participates CEE Property Forum 2023 in Vienna

    Financial System Implementation - Lessons on how to implement a Unified Data Model successfully More than half of real estate ERP projects are late and over budget - how do we manage to avoid both traps? How do we deliver the best functionality while keeping within time and budget? iREMS's CEO, Andreas Kozma will give a presentation on the techniques that iREMS developed over the years to overcome the typical challenges of ERP implementations. Full speed ahead – What's driving logistics developments? Integrated and unified data management in the logistics investment space has still huge unrealized potential to raise efficiency, speed up decision making based upon well-grounded information. Getting ahead of the curve with digitization, empowering decision making based upon integrated and automized workflows backed by a unified data model is the key approach in eliminating multiple - often times loosely connected - data streams from legacy silo systems. To develop technology head to head with market evolution, maintaining data integrity while realizing portfolio growth is inevitable for longterm success and survival in an ever more competitive and regulated landscape. Join us in Vienna at the upcoming #CEEProperty Forum Events & Newsconference panel discussions, where iREMS International AG's CEO, Andreas Kozma will discuss the topic: "What's driving logistic developments" with fellow panelists: Przemysław Piętak, Grzegorz Chmielak, Monika Duda Tulejko, James Fitzgerald, Peter Solt with diverse industry backgrounds! See the full agenda of the event here:

  • Aupark

    Bratislava, Slovakia - Retail 58 000 m2

  • Argo Alpha

    Prague, Czech Republic - Office 11 674 m2

  • Palác Anděl

    Prague, Czech Republic - Office 15 262 m2

  • City Tower

    Prague, Czech Republic - Office 45 186 m2

  • Forum Nova Karolina

    Ostrava, Czech Republic - Retail 58 504 m2

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