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Little details that save time

Our development team just completed a seemingly small feature that turned out to be surprisingly complex to implement. 

As you know, in #iREMS you can define your own bespoke reports on fund and asset management levels by choosing from the parameters you understand (no need to bring in the programmers). 

When you run financial reports like an aggregated NOI on one of your portfolios and you want to quickly switch to a portfolio or property, iREMS will now analyze your filtering and grouping settings and adapt them to the new SPVs and properties you chose. 

Sometimes I ask myself whether such micro-adjustments are worth the (often considerable) effort. But actually it is important! It is important for you when you will save a few clicks every time with this new feature, resulting in an even more fluid experience! 

Our team is working hard even on details - it's a bit like perfecting a Swiss watch. You will be able to enjoy this one in our next release.😉


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