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Christmas Note from the CEO

2022 has been a remarkable year at iREMS. Not because everything was so easy. More so because the iREMS Platform made extraordinary progress thanks to a great cooperation with our partners and clients despite (maybe because of?) the difficult circumstances.

To start I would like to thank our partners, the Real Estate Center of Excellence (RE CoE) team at PwC PL, for the intense and inspiring cooperation that saw the RE CoE Managed Platform mature into its second year of live operation.

Furthermore we are really honored and grateful for the successful cooperation with an ever expanding range of service provider companies to jointly deliver higher efficiency based on the iREMS Platform in close cooperation with our landlord clients.

Thank you CBRE Hungary, CBRE Slovakia, Colliers PL & RO, Cushman&Wakefield Czech Republic, Savills Poland, White Star Real Estate Poland, WSRE Czech Republic, WSRE Hungary, Eston, Dome Facilities, BPO, Savills Cz, TPA Group Cz, ASB Group, TPA Group Pl, Active Retail AM.

Personally I would finally like to thank the entire iREMS team for their amazing work. I really enjoyed the great work atmosphere, the way how everybody held up even in moments of great pressure, and the constant focus on delivering better solutions.

We are proud of jointly achieving the following milestones and more:

👉 iREMS Dashboard goes live - after years of data design and research our new product, the iREMS Dashboard successfully went into production with several clients. Full integration with iREMS ERP and a very flexible KPI model make it easy to create and use dashboards tailored to individual needs.

👉 Management and accounting reporting - we further solidified the integrated financial reporting and consolidated accounting layers. For example, ever more complex NOI reports can be created by the business side without any programming required and can be visualized in multiple delivery channels, such as web- and Excel-based dashboards, web portal and mobile.

👉 3rd generation S/C Reconciliation Engine acceptance testing completed - full-detail and fully automated reconciliation runs provide not only automatic invoicing, but more importantly controlling and reporting-level input into financial reports at the push of a button.

👉 Our fully automated utility re-invoicing and meter management proves itself in challenging real-world scenarios - compounded complexities, such as mixed metered/pro-rata allocations, correction factors, sub-meters, lease terminations and unit transformations were all successfully navigated.

👉 Multiple Landlord-Controlled Platform (LCP) implementations proved onboarding speed gains and benefits of Unified Data Model - simultaneous multi-country rollout scenarios involving multiple service providers produced very short implementation and go-live times.

👉 iREMS Academy continues to aid onboarding and coordination of multiple (internal and external) teams - introduced during the pandemic, our Learning Management System (LMS) combined with our iREMS Onboarding Target Operating Model was surely a large factor for the above mentioned speed gains in new project implementations.

Our plans for 2023

We look forward to a hopefully less hostile, but equally challenging and inspiring 2023 with exciting new project initiatives in the areas of ESG reporting and compliance tracking, a deep focus into project controlling for large development projects and much, much more.


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